Project “TREASURE”

“Ecotextyle”, представлява европейска инициатива за обучение, свързано с екологичните тенденции при производството на обувки и текстил

Joint Cultural Heritage – Source for Development of Entrepreneurship in the Black Sea Basin - TREASURE

Project ref. №: BSB-371

Implementation period: 11.09.2018 - 10.09.2020

Financed by: Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014-2020


  • Constanta County Council, Romania - lead partner
  • Council District of Ungheni, Republic of Moldova
  • District Governmnet of Enez, Turkey
  • Bulgarian Association for Transfer of Technology and Innovation, Bulgaria

Project overview:
           Cooperation of the communities from the Black Sea Basin involved in the project emerged from the common interest to solve common problems and to create favorable conditions for the sustainable development of entrepreneurship in the culture and tourism sectors. For development of entrepreneurship a prerequisite is represented by the creation, equipping and development of the specific infrastructure. Awareness activities to preserve and valorize the natural and cultural heritage must be right in the center of this specific infrastructure or existing legislation together with the existence of this financial source, consists in sustaining elements for the balanced development effort of the eligible regions in the Black Sea basin.
           This pilot project aims at developing specific activities (creation and equipping of infrastructure with specific equipment, research and museum exposition of the natural, cultural underwater and classic heritage) so that at the end of the project, the partners will benefit from equipment and valuable facilities (e.g. diving equipment and traditional and digital display including rehabilitating a center building in Enez) promoted in a modern way (album and digital maps, festival, site and common event).
           This common challenge essential in this partnership also relies on sharing of human (joint team management), natural (natural and cultural heritage) and financial resources.
          The overall objective of the project observes the general objective of the Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Program 2014-2020 to improve the welfare of the people in the Black Sea Basin regions through sustainable growth and joint environmental protection. In short, the archaeological sites of the natural and cultural joint heritage in the Black Sea Basin, generate innovation and contributes to smart and sustainable growth in the partner states.

Expected Results:

  1. 1 movie with the reconstruction of the Middle Ages and promotion of historical sites
  2. 500 elaborated CDs
  3. 1 atlas - digital album, promoting the project partner towns and historical cultural events
  4. Active center for underwater research and water activities in Enez as a part from common cross border destination
  5. Training seminar for local guides
  6. 1 informational center properly endowed
  7. 2 Innovative holographic projection systems for the objectives reached in the patrimony of National Museum of History and Archeology Constanta and in the natural and cultural patrimony of Bulgaria.
  8. 1 laboratory with specific equipment from the Museum of National History and Archeology Constanta
  9. 1 sport trainings and cultural activities endow with specific equipment inside Enez Water Activity Center
  10. Organizing cultural heritage under water course and scientific discovery diving traning course
  11. Based on a contract will be developed a digital map in Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey (For the best user experience, please use Google Chrome Browser. Тhe map is not intended for viewing on mobile devices)
  12. Research on cultural heritage and new technologies
  13. Reconstructed building and established underwater research and water sports center in Enez

End of project Treasure Press-release - “Joint Cultural Heritage – Source for Development of Entrepreneurship in the Black Sea Basin” eMS code BSB-371


On the 17th September 2018, Bulgarian Association for Transfer of Technology and Innovation, Constanta County Council (partnership leader), District Government of Enez, Turkey, and Council District of Ungheni, Republic of Moldova, signed the Grant contract for project “Joint Cultural Heritage – Source for Development of Entrepreneurship in the Black Sea Basin”- TREASURE eMS code BSB-371. The project is financed with European funds provided by Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014-2020. The partners worked on Priority 1 of the programme - Promote business and entrepreneurship within the Black Sea Basin, Specific Objective 1.1 – Jointly promote business and entrepreneurship in the tourism and cultural sectors.

Within the Project, BATTI organized underwater archeology course (A.T6.1), where teachers from Varna region participated and after the exam acquired international certificate, as well as a lot of stories to tell their students, who showed tremendous interest towards this topic and without a doubt were positively impacted by this interesting point of view that presented them with the possibilities the Black Sea offers for reveling underwater cultural heritage. The closing event (A.T6.2.1) was a huge success and the youngsters were incredibly interested with what the underwater worlds’ hidden treasures may reveal.

Another huge accomplishment BATTI had was the developing and delivering of an underwater digital map. This is an entirely new method and innovative technology for research and systematization of underwater resources related to interactivity and the modern view of the Black Sea waters. As part of this activity (A.T2.2.1), BATTI lead the creation of an interactive seabed map revealing underwater relief as well as underwater findings, and in particular is arousing the interest of tourists, marine professionals and researchers who will be able to map the underwater archeological area in seawater in real time.

The entrepreneurship in the Bulgaria Black Sea Basin region was furtherly enriched with another high-tech solution which BATTI delivered within the project, namely 3D Holographic images of archeological findings In the Black sea (A.T3.2.1). The holographic display visualizes the developed holograms of sunken ships, and the results are mesmerizing.

Furthermore, a holistic study of the Bulgarian Black Sea Basin was carried out in the project by the supervision of BATTI team members (A.T5.1). The activity demonstrated and proved that good relations in the field of culture can be the best ambassador for building good neighborly relations and, in the language of prehistory, can become the most successful conduit for the dissemination of knowledge - the most important condition for peace and understanding. Taking into account the key advantages of the archaeological heritage in the Black Sea regions of Bulgaria - unique underwater and terrestrial sites, their balanced sustainable development and use for the benefit of society as a whole were achieved. The holistic study finished and is imported in the Digital map.

With this, all of the project results were delivered, and even tough the implementation period was prolonged with a couple of months due to COVID, BATTI team members are extremely happy to have followed all guidelines and achieved the desired results of Project Treasure.

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