Project “ALERT”

“Ecotextyle”, представлява европейска инициатива за обучение, свързано с екологичните тенденции при производството на обувки и текстил

Black Sea Joint Environmental Monitoring and Protection - ALERT

Project ref. №BSB-538

Implementation period: 10.08.2018 - 09.08.2020

Financed by: Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014-2020


  • Constanta County Council, Romania - lead partner
  • Council District of Ungheni, Republic of Moldova
  • Bulgarian Association for Transfer of Technology and Innovation, Bulgaria

Project overview:

The common aim of the project is to develop a long lasting innovative cross border link among countries on the Black Sea border in the field of environmental issues and environmental emergency situations and other hazards. The expected result is to obtain and improve availability of cross border environmental monitoring data and information within the Black Sea Basin. The project ALERT takes the unique opportunity offered by CBC Black Sea Basin, a program which encourages partnerships between EU and non EU countries covering a vast territory and all partners having the same financial chances regardless their EU membership. The project's main objective is to improve the wellfare of people in the Black Sea Basin regions trough sustainable growth and joint environmental protection. The partnership will capitalize the cooperation between 3 communities, both EU and non EU members (approx. 1400000 inhabitants, 25000 km2), cross border human resources, efficient joint environmental management of natural resources and economic cooperation. ALERT addresses common challenges in environment, public protection, safety and security by covering all sides of the challenge through protection, prevention and intervention activities. On the one hand, the partnership will focus on prevention actions by creating a cross border environmental monitoring system, development of prevention activities for environmental protection and improvement of the availability and cross border interoperability of updated online data for public authorities and NGOs. On the other hand, the partnership will concentrate joint efforts in protection and interventions in the environmental risk areas and manage emergency situations due to environmental hazards such earthquakes, floods or forest fires, providing thorough implementation of the project an important material basis consisting of specialized equipment necessary to protect ecosystems, inhabitants and material assets improving the responsiveness of the authorities in environmental emergency situations. Specific objectives of the project are: environmental monitoring in all 4 partner countries, increasing public awareness among BSB communities regarding environmental issues risks and protection measures and improving cooperation on environmental issues between local authorities and NGOs in environmental disasters prevention and intervention management.

Expected Results:

  1. An integrated environmental monitoring system
  2. A proper management plan for enviroment protection
  3. Assessment of risks, hazards, vulnerabilities of transport networks in the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.
  4. Analysis on the type of the risks, hazards and natural disasters in the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.
  5. Analysis for the possibility of their implementation in the Black Sea region of at least 20 already existing innovative best practices in the disaster prevention and planning from at least 5 leading countries in that sphere
  6. Analysis for the possibility of their implementation in the Black Sea region of at least 10 innovative best practices that have already not been implemented in the disaster prevention and planning from at least 5 leading countries
  7. Ten training seminars and simulated exercises for personnel of relevant entities and pool of volunteers in case of disasters on the use of decision support systems and new technologies
  8. Analysis on the current capacity of Black Sea Municipalities in Varna and Burgas to the current equipment, emergency reaction possibilities, trained stuff, procedures and identification of weaknesses in technical and human resources
  9. Mobile application for environmental protection for youth
  10. Web based platform and a mobile application
  11. Practical exercise - Emergency simulation