Bulgarian Association for Transfer
of Technology and Innovation

Objectives and mission of the organization

Bulgarian Association for Transfer of Technology and Innovation is an NGO with its main office in Varna and branches in Sofia, Rousse, Burgas, Blagoevgrad and Vidin. BATTI’s experts have long-standing experience in carrying out and managing projects covering wide range of activities  related to innovation, technology and digitalization. BATTI connects public and private sector, enhancing the capacity and transfer of knowledge to small and medium enterprises, promotes innovative practices and technologies to business, provides professional and structured services stimulating the development of local economic business sectors, entrepreneurial initiatives, cluster initiatives, lifelong learning, youth activities, social entrepreneurship, support for people with disabilities and international cooperation through innovation and transfer of good practices.

BATTI’s team has prepared and managed  large number of projects financed by the Structural and Cohesion Funds of the EU and the national operational programs. BATTI currently implements projects under the Danube Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2014-2020″, “Black Sea Basin 2014-2020”, “Erasmus +” and others.

The highly qualified team of the association has in-depth knowledge and experience in the preparation, implementation, monitoring, reporting and dissemination of project results as both lead and partner organization.

Among BATTI’s goals is to instigate and facilitate dialogue between private and public sectors, to provide forums for information exchange and introduction of good practices, for transfer of experience in the field of technology, digital business, web-based solutions, international cooperation and inter-institutional dialogue, to participate in policy development initiatives for institutions and public representatives, for the development of local and regional development strategies, to act as a mediator between representatives of business, government and non-governmental sector.

BATTI can offer established contacts, networks, resources and experience needed to involve different target groups; to bring together participants and stakeholders to validate knowledge, exchange experiences, cultural and economic development of existing or new innovative industries in the region and beyond.