Ruse (also transliterated as Rousse or Russe) is the fifth largest city in Bulgaria. Тhe Ruse Municipality along with the legally affiliated adjacent villages has 167,585 inhabitants. Ruse is located in the north-eastern part of the country, on the right bank of the Danube, opposite the Romanian city of Giurgiu, approximately 75 km (47 mi) south of Bucharest, 200 km (124 mi) from the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and 300 km (186 mi) from the capital Sofia. It is the most significant Bulgarian river port, serving an important part of the international trade of the country.

Ruse is known for its 19th- and 20th-century Neo-Baroque and Neo-Rococo architecture, which attracts many tourists.

After it became part of liberated Bulgaria on 20 February 1878, Ruse became one of the key cultural and economic centres of the country. Intensive building during the period changed the city's architectural appearance to a typical Central European one. Ruse is famous for the many first innovations in Bulgaria, including:

1864 - the first printing office in Bulgaria;

1867 - the first railway line linking Ruse and Varna, was launched into operation;

1879 - the first agronomical school "Obraztsov chiflik", today - Agricultural scientific research institute, currently profiled in agriculture and seed science;

1881 - the first steel ship in Bulgaria was built;

1881 - the first privately owned Bulgarian bank Girdap;

1881 - the Machine School for the Navy, the first technical school in Bulgaria. Later it was moved to Varna;

1883 - the first Weather station;

1884 - the first Bulgarian pharmacy association;

1885 - the first Bulgarian technical association was instituted;

1890 - the first Chamber of Commerce and Industry;

1891 - the first private insurance company "Bulgaria";

1896 - the first manually operated elevator;

1897 - the first movie projection. The second was a month later in the capital Sofia;

BATTI Ruse was established in 2014 with the idea to create regional community of innovation support and technology professionals, to promote high standards in the provision of innovation support and technology transfer services to SMEs, NGOs, public sector, universities, etc. and to share professional experience and good practice, with a view to developing the knowledge economy, improving quality of life and boosting the wealth creation process in Ruse and the Ruse region.


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