The BATTI branch in Vidin was founded in 2021 with the idea to create a regional society of innovators and professionals in the field of technology, to promote high standards and offer assistance to small and medium enterprises, NGOs, the public sector, universities and others. The aim of the organization is to exchange good practices and experience for economic development and improving the quality of life in Vidin and the region.

Vidin is a regional and municipal town in northwestern Bulgaria, located along the Danube. It is the administrative and economic center of the eponymous municipality of Vidin and Vidin district. The population is 40,620 inhabitants as of 2019.

The city is located by the Danube. It is the first major port in the country along the river and the starting point of the Republican Road I-1, leading to the border with Greece at the Border checkpoint "Kulata", 2 km from the city is the ferry complex, which in 2013 was replaced by a second bridge on the Bulgarian river, called "New Europe" (formerly known as "Danube Bridge 2" or "Vidin - Calafat Bridge") . Opposite Vidin is the town of Calafat, Romania.

The second bridge "New Europe" over the Danube River between Bulgaria and Romania (formerly known as "Danube Bridge 2" or "Vidin - Calafat Bridge") was built, which is a prerequisite for the development of the economy of the city and the region. 2 European transport corridors pass through Vidin - 4th and 7th.


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