Bulgarian Association for Transfer
of Technology and Innovation

Objectives and mission of the organization


“Bulgarian Association for Transfer of Technology and Innovation” (BATTI) is a non-profit organization with head office in Varna and branches in Sofia, Ruse, Burgas and Blagoevgrad. BATTI’s experts have been involved in more than 60 regional and international projects as a Lead organization and partner funded under PHARE 2002,2003,2004,2005, USAID, Open Society, LEONARDO DA VINCI, the Bulgarian HR Development, and different Operational programs. BATTI’s experts have years of experience running and managing projects covering a wide range of actions including facilitating the public-private interaction, planning issues, capacity building and knowledge transfer for SMEs, promoting best practices in business support, providing professional and structured support services stimulating the development of the local economy business sectors, entrepreneurship’s initiatives, cluster’s initiatives, life-long learning, youth activities, immigrants’ integration, social entrepreneurship, empowering disabled people and cross-border cooperation. Special attention has been paid to the involvement of specific targets – young entrepreneurs, female entrepreneurs and socially sensitive groups including – into the creation of new SMEs in the field of main local industries and has set up a local cluster in touristic industry and consulted a regional cluster in the maritime industry.

BATTI’s staff have prepared and managed numerous projects under the EU structural funds-framework for the EU’s operational programs. BA has received funding from the European Integration Fund and the European Social Fund in numerous projects regarding the integration of immigrants of third-country nationals, education seminars for repatriation of illegal immigrants and refugees, for social empowerment of disabled people, etc. BATTI has also submitted projects under the Bulgaria-Romania Cross Border Cooperation programme as a leading organisation and South-east Europe-Transnational Cooperation programme as a partner organisation. The company is also very interested in other CBC programmes, as well as the Black Sea Cross Border Cooperation programme.

The highly-skilled team of the association has extensive and varied in-depth experience in the preparation, implementation, monitoring, reporting and dissemination of results of projects, both as a leader and a partner organization.

Among the objectives listed in the statutes of BATTI are initiating and facilitating public-private dialogue to promote social and professional integration of people in difficult socio-economic situation, to provide fora for exchanging information and best practices, transfer of experience with an emphasis on modern technology, e-business, web-based solutions, life-long learning, international cooperation and social dialogue, to participate in initiatives to develop policies for institutions and public councils responsible for development of local and regional development strategies, to act as a facilitator between the main representatives of the business, government and non-government sector, etc.;

BATTI may provide established contacts, networks, resources and experience necessary to involve different target groups; bringing together actors and stakeholders to facilitate learning, exchange of experience, culturally and economically to develop further existing and create new creative industries within the region and beyond. BATTI is interested in participation in international projects as it’s a logical follow-on of the previous projects related to fostering immigrants, refugees and other socially –vulnerable groups’s integration and finding solutions to their problems, while at the same time continuing with its’ SME creation activities and commitment to business clustering activities and cross-border cooperation programmes in general. Further participation in large international project will complement the whole cycle of its services, add value to its mission and main activities, will creatively mobilize its resources and further the existing partnerships of BATTI, stimulating the creation of new links. A valuable output for BATTI is the opportunity to expand its internationalization and profit from the challenges of a broader partnership.